Monday, July 16, 2012

Tanaka the best herb of Burma (part 2).

Tanaka woodTanaka Powder

The best use of Tanaka

  • Use only clean water mixed with Tanaka.
  • If your have large pimple or non inflammatory ance, don’t scrub your face. It to be activate more pimples.
  • Tanaka is to be scrub with those who do not have acne. When you scrub your face, you should gently. Just 5 minutes and leave it.
  • Softly clean your face with pure water, then mix honey with water leave it and 10 minute massage before clean-up again.
Beauty skin

Properties of your skin.

  • This natural herb is improving your skin to be white.
  • Reduce dark spots, freckles and scars are effective.
  • You can use quickly treatment for the red rash, skin inflammation and allergic reactions.
  • Oily control of inflammatory acne for drying and shrinkage and prevent new pimples again.
  • Anti-aging effectively and help your skin is youthful with antioxidant performance.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tanaka the best herb of Burma (part 1).

What is it Tanaka?

      I went to the north of Thailand in week ago and I want to buy something special for my friends. It is Tanaka…Did you known it? What’s Tanaka? For me it first time have I heard, so today i will introduce Tanaka.

       Tanaka is natural herb that Burmese people is known for more than 200 years. The botanical name of the LICODIA ACIDISSIMA. It is hardwoods and found in the central region of Burma as Bagan and Mandalay. The aromatic herbs and versatile is the part of bark. The bark of Tanaka has anti-oxidants very high and containing OPC, as well as the pine bark in France. The pulp of Tanaka has Curcuminoid as found in Turmeric of Thailand.

        This characteristic of natural acne to make against the degeneration of cells and help to prevent acne, Antibiotic, reduce the scars, reduce spots and blemishes. It also helps to protect the skin from damaging UV rays and effective reduction of the melanin pigment.
     Used Tanaka extract 100% active ingredient concentration better than used Tanaka powder mask surface to 100 times. The best Tanaka powder must nature dried crushed into a fine powder. The properties is Anti-aging of the skin very well and good stability. Tanaka powder has yellow mixed with water using a face mask and a few minutes to dry. Herbal treatment for acne and control oiliness of the face as well.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Acne Treatment with Lemon

Acne Treatment with 100% natural.
           Are you tired of looking at the full face acne? Many people with acne are a comedone or nodular acne. I have acne treatment methods that can be done. One of them is use lemon juice for acne in a homemade acne treatment is easy and safe. May be applied on the skin directly or drinking it. Either way, it helps to reduce the occurrence of acne and scars, both external and internal. If you use two methods (apply skin directly and drinking), you was able to make acne disappear within 3 weeks is a lot better if combined with a mild detergent. A significant reduction to the next.

Homemade acne treatment with lemon juice. 
    Squeezed lemon juice
  • Apply directly to acne skin.
1. Cleansing
2. Squeezed lemon juice 1 teaspoon in a small bowl. Use a cotton ball dipped in lemon juice. If you feels burning to skin, you can mix some water.

3. Apply of lemon juice on the Whitehead acne and blackhead acne.

4. Left on all night without having to clear out. Rinse in the morning and re-apply makeup. (If you need to make up).

5. If that lemon juice is too strong. Although it is not diluted with water and leave for 10 minutes then rinse with cold water.

      After use, wipe gently clean with the lemon juice. This method takes at least two weeks to see results. It’s probably better to just observe. Now try to mix the lemon juice with the detergent with a mild glycolic acid to do this is to make bright face.

      Sometimes cause of acne may be due to you are not eating enough. The vitamins, minerals and nutrients are not enough. In addition to you are like trying to flush out toxins from various sources which deal with various kinds of diseases

Drinking Lemon Juice for healthy.

     The girl can use lemon juice to detoxification of the liver for better the absorption of minerals and vitamins. As well as lemon juice drink is one of the most health benefits for skin and body. The lemon juice will make it easy. These benefit of lemon juice also;

      - Elimination of waste acid.
      - Helps to relieve constipation.
      - Cleaning liver with citric acid and build enzymes to get rid of toxins in the bloodstream.
      - Helps digestion.
      - Break up kidney stones.
      - Decomposition of limestone at various points in the body.
Drinking Lemon Juice for acne treatment.

Formula One.

      This is for people stay at home or office. Can drink lemonade prepared throughout the day.

      1. Squeeze lemon juice into a glass ball.

      2. Fill two cups of water.
      3. Drinking all in a day.

Formula Two.

      This is for people who need to work off-site, can not pick up the lemon juice for drink it all day

      1. Squeeze lemon juice into a glass ball.

      2. Add water to 1 cup.

      3. Drink it straight out of the cup in the morning.

      4. Do not drink or eat anything for 30 minutes for the lemon juice clean up our bodies.

** People with dark brown or black skin shouldn’t use lemon juice because black skin contains melanocytes more than white skin. Lemon juice stimulates melanocytes to make antioxidants that protect the skin.

** People who have lemon allergy shouldn’t use too.